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A key ingredient to our success here at Del’s Pastry is our ability to prioritize safety and quality assurance on every level. We have successfully demonstrated this level of commitment to our work and our customers have recognized this and shown brand loyalty as a result.


Del's Pastry understands the need to have a Food Safety Management System that is internationally recognized. In order to stay ahead of the curve in today's marketplace and make sure our customers' needs are always put first, we have adopted the SQF standard and are Kosher certified (COR and OU). We have been SQF certified since 2012 and are committed to continuous improvement in our processes to accommodate the changing nature of the industry. 


Our belief is that the success of any food safety program needs to be complimented with an understanding of our behaviour, and how it affects the final product. If we make this shift, the result will be a team than can move from meeting a program requirement - to a responsible food safe environment. This is what we strive for everyday at Del’s.

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