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Benefits Working at Del's Pastry:

Monday - Friday Workdays​

  • 8 Hour Shift

  • Competitive Benefits & Wages

  • 5-minute walk from TTC bus stop & GO Station

  • Help with Immigration (if needed).

  • Free Treats!

  • Hiring for day, afternoon, night

  • Career growth in startup manufacturing environment

General Duties:

  • Monitors workstations consistently throughout the daily operations to ensure no bottlenecking or issues with equipment occur.

  • First point of contact to step in with bottlenecks throughout operations that require more manpower.

  • Voice concerns to Quality Assurance team should finished products fall out of specifications.

  • Monitors all operations workstations to support leadership through visual and audible inspection of products.

  • Uses attention to detail to ensure all products maintain within their proper weight, size, shape and presentation.

  • Support lead hand with schedule management and shift changes.

  • Re-stock materials.

  • Picks, packs, stacks, builds and places product in correct manner on trays, packages or belts.

  • Maintain a safe and clean work environment.

  • Ensure food safety remains high priority and is an ambassador for a food-safe culture

  • Integral role in leading the team to ensure food safety compliance, Del's internal policies, occupational health and safety.

  • Break relief

  • Additional responsibilities & duties as required.


  • Entry level position (newcomers welcome!)

  • Must be a quick thinker and learner

  • Must be able to lift up to 20 lbs. consistently

  • Leadership skills with great attention to detail

  • Must have manual dexterity and stamina

  • Conversational English (Verbal and Written)

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Maintenance Technician

Sales and Marketing Associate

Benefits Working at Del's Pastry:

  • 8-10 Hour Shifts

  • Competitive Benefits & Wages

  • 5-minute walk from TTC bus stop & GO Station

  • Help with Immigration (if needed).

  • Free Treats!

  • Hiring for day, afternoon, night

  • Career growth in startup manufacturing environment

Preventative Maintenance Duties:

  • Perform preventive maintenance activities as assigned on all equipment and machines throughout the plant in conjunction with daily production requirements.

  • Repair breakdown of equipment, machinery, and infrastructure

  • Maintain hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

  • Fabricate parts and other equipment as per instructions or blueprint, if required.

  • Inspect and examine machinery and equipment to detect and investigate irregularities and malfunctions

  • Install and commission new machinery

  • Perform repairs on variety of equipment

  • Assist industrial electricians (when necessary) installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems in accordance with appropriate codes.

  • Work with variety of subcontractors

  • Recommend job improvements and alternative methods (problem solving)

  • Work with maintenance technicians and industrial electricians in conjunction with production team to ensure machinery is effectively maintained

  • Integral role in the Joint Health and Safety Committee

  • Work with maintenance technicians on building maintenance projects as necessary

  • Ensure food safety remains high priority and is an ambassador for a food-safe culture

  • Other duties as required



  • Accountable for taking all necessary measures in ensuring all safety procedures, required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the policies outlined by Del’s Pastry, are being followed.

  • Participates in the ongoing development, communication and implementation of team concepts, programs, and policies

  • Communicates and coordinates with production team to maintain machines and equipment indicators



  • 1-3 years of previous maintenance experience required (preferably in manufacturing industry)

  • PLC competency

  • Able to diagnose mechanical and electrical problems and expedite repair

  • Ability to work in a team environment and problem solve

  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

  • Ability to carry out tasks on a timely basis

Job Types: Full-time, permanent 

Benefits Working at Del's Pastry:

  • 8 hours Shifts

  • Competitive Benefits & Wages

  • 5-minute walk from TTC bus stop & GO Station

  • Help with Immigration (if needed).

  • Free Treats!

  • Hiring for day Shift

  • Career growth in startup manufacturing environment

General Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attracting, seeking, prospecting, qualifying, soliciting, and booking new business through sales and marketing initiatives.

  • Present new marketing ideas to Director of Sales for ongoing revenue streams.

  • Reviews sales forecasts and projected goals, provides input where necessary.

  • Stay up to date on food trends, indulgence items and other marketable ideas for increased presence in the market.

  • Consult with clients after sale or signed contracts to resolve problems and to provide ongoing support, when necessary.

  • Creates marketing forecasts to present to for review.

  • Supports Director of Sales in sales forecasting, reporting, analytics, and customer feedback.

  • Fundamental role in implementation of CRM and ongoing CRM management.

  • Manage campaign analysis to measure and report on marketing and advertising metrics.

  • Support and learn negotiation tactics for price model.

  • Supports organization in various projects (taste testing's, purchase orders, environmental impact, customer feedback).

  • Support Sales and accounting for any backend paperwork, filing or reporting requests.

  • Develop branding and various marketing strategies to increase our online presence through social channels and website design.

  • Pivotal role in Environmental Social Governance for branding.

  • Create newsletters to send out to customers for communication updates.

  • Manage company website and google reviews/comments.

  • Manage customer inbox.

  • Ensure food safety remains high priority and is an ambassador for a food-safe culture.

  • Other duties as required.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications or Business Administration or equivalent experience

  • Minimum 2+ years of experience in B2B sales preferably within a food processing manufacturing environment

  • Excellent verbal and written communication

  • KAM (Key Account Manager) experience is a strong asset.

  • Must be flexible to travel.

  • Must be organized and entrepreneurial.

  • Proficient in Microsoft, Google Docs, Sharepoint, and all social channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok)

  • Attention to detail and quick learner.

  • Creativity focused and up to date on various online food trends.

  • Able to build process from conception to implementation.


Financial Controller

Benefits Working at Del's Pastry:

  • Competitive Benefits & Wages

  • Free Treats!

  • Hybrid Model

General Duties and Responsibilities

  • Financial and Accounting Duties:

  • Build effective and consistent processes to implement to streamline the overall office and finance departments.

  • Internally audits inefficiencies and develop solutions.

  • Manages and builds financial planning, department budgets and all other financial obligations to ensure allocated funds are spent appropriately.

  • Researches and presents government programs and/or bursaries for financial support.

  • Subject matter expert in MRPs and ERPs and able to utilize systems consistently and to their full capacity.

  • SAP/HANA our accounting and inventory system.

  • Investigates financial expenditure, errors, and other fiscal discrepancies.

  • Develop and implement cost-saving initiatives.

  • Report various financial donations, initiatives, policies, internal decisions and procedures to CFO/COO.

  • Works with all departments to ensure budgets are being upheld.

  • Works closely with Operations management.

  • Establishes and maintains relationships with leadership team to ensure collective goals of downtime and quality products are reached.

  • Monitors the local legislative climate, interpreting the impact of legislation on the business and operating to comply with laws and regulations.

  • Directs and maintains positive employee relations within department.

  • Oversees accounts receivables and payables and steps in to assist when required.

  • Establishes and monitors OKRs for department.

  • Reviews cash flow, bank balances, expense reports, cheque requests, donor receipts, cheque batches, payroll deposits, priority payables and other financial requirements.

  • Conducts various year-end and month-end activities.

  • Responds to government queries and external agencies.

  • Engage in weekly team meetings.

  • Prepares payments for various taxes such as provincial sales and service, non-residence, and property.

  • Presents to Ownership various financial reports and overall financial health monthly, quarterly and annually.

  • Other duties as required.

Teamwork and Leadership

  • Supervises, coaches, and motivates team.

  • Reviews all departments working hours and Time & Attendance weekly for submission to payroll.

  • Approves or denies any employee-initiated time off requests and coordinates with Human Resources and Accounting Administrator for processing.

  • Responsible for overseeing labour trends, performance management and hiring practices while working alongside human resources.

  • Directs management development plans and provides on-going feedback to achieve desired business results.

  • Leads by example for all safety standards, food safety standards, compliance measures, respect in the workplace and other facets of corrective action.


  • Minimum of 8+ years of experience and a bachelor’s degree in accounting or equivalent.

  • Minimum 2+ years of managerial experience.

  • Must have exceptional experience using SAP Software

  • SAP/HANA experience strong asset

  • Background in food manufacturing or other highly regulated industry.

  • Demonstrated ability to working through problems effectively and efficiently.

  • Talent for conveying information and ideas clearly and objectively.

  • Ability to develop relationships.

  • Highly organized, able to manage time effectively and is comfortable working with tight deadlines.

  • High degree of flexibility and ability to deal with a growing and changing environment.

  • Exceptional working knowledge of Excel.

  • Accounting designation an asset.

  • Proficient with software and IT language.

  • Strong attention to detail and a quick learner.


Quality Assurance Internship

Quality Assurance Internship

Come join our small but mighty team in our brand new commercial bakery, located in Etobicoke. We are looking for a individuals with good attitudes seeking learning opportunities in food manufacturing.

May 1 – August 31, 2024


Job Description

Our Quality Assurance Technicians possess strong attention to detail and are passionate about food safety. Our technicians play an integral role for our employees, customers, and vendors as the gatekeepers for our products. By ensuring accurate reporting, temperature checks, health and safety, and other initiatives Del’s provides – our QA technician(s) enforce our compliance measures to all staff.

General Duties

  • Ensure food safety remains high priority and is an ambassador for a food-safe culture

  • Daily conduct incoming, in-production, and outgoing inspections at set intervals

  • Randomly check raw materials, processes, finished products to ensure compliance at all levels

  • Identify nonconforming issues and address them with those responsible teams

  • Ensure all food safety protocols are being followed by all employees, visitors and contractors.

  • Inspect incoming raw and packaging materials for pests or deficiencies

  • Monitor coolers and freezers temperature and advise those responsible if any issue

  • Ensure ingredients are rotated according to the First In First Out process (FIFO)

  • Maintain, update, and verify suppliers’ file such as 3rd party audit, Letter of Guarantee,

  • Kosher certificate (when required), product specifications, and certificate of analysis.

  • Assist with creating and implementing labels for all nutrition for products

  • Verification of various practices and processes to ensure their compliances including ATP, temperatures, weights, label, record checks and metal checks

  • Maintain and file all production and quality records daily (including training records)

  • Work with all departments to ensure food safety, GMP compliance and occupational health and safety are followed by all teams

  • Conduct various internal audits as required – sharing results with QA Manager

  • Assist supervisors in ensuring their practices meet food safety standard, customer and legal requirements

  • Implement Non conformance & HOLD procedures on a suspect product for further actions/evaluation

  • Assist in reviewing and updating the HACCP plan, PCPs and other programs

  • Assist in new on-the-job compliance training and verification programs

  • Carry out the monitoring and completion of all assigned duties pertaining to HACCP, SQF and other prerequisite programs

  • Monitor, maintain and improve product quality/ food safety, compliance to regulatory requirements, and enforcement of work safety.

  • Other duties as required


  • In pursuit of a Degree or Diploma – Food Science, Supply Chain Management, Science and

  • Nutrition or other applicable designation

  • Exceptional computer skills

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, and strong analytical skill

  • Team player, hardworking and attention to detail required

  • Food Safety Certifications strong asset

  • Positive attitude and willing to learn and grow


Working Conditions:

  • Warm working environment during summer months

  • Fast-paced environment

  • HACCP and GMP compliance requirements

Shipper/Receiver/Forklift Operator

Forklift Operator/Shipper/Receiver

Come join our small but mighty team in our brand new commercial bakery, located in Etobicoke. We are looking for a individuals with good attitudes seeking learning opportunities in food manufacturing.

Benefits of working at Del's Pastry:

  • $21.00 p/hour

  • Help with Immigration (if needed)

  • -Day Work Week

  • 5 minutes from TTC Bus Stop

  • Group Benefits and Company Incentives

  • Free Treats!


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work out of both Del’s facilities (primary manufacturing and distribution centre)

  • Complete MHE pre-op inspections

  • Pallet management and allocation

  • Allocation of incoming raw materials in the respective storage areas (using food safety protocols as well as health and safety knowledge) to ensure ingredients and/or finished goods do not spoil

  • Loads and unloads various shipments

  • Conducts freezer checks for both staging areas and offices

  • Completes administrative work as needed (MHE inspections, packaging slips, daily logs, creates shipping tags, creates bill of ladings, transfers, shipment deliveries)

  • Ensure food safety remains high priority and is an ambassador for a food-safe culture

  • Supports and coordinates space availability with our secondary location

  • Rotates between our primary and secondary locations

  • Ensure compliance with Food Safety, Product Quality, Environmental and Employee’s Health and Safety regulatory guidelines

  • Conducts cycle and inventory counts

  • Proper practices of storages and better control of Food Hazards

  • Follow all requirements of FIFO and FEFO

  • Identify opportunities for improvement to improve facility results in productivity of shipping, receiving and warehouse departments

  • Other duties as required


  • Certification on walk-behind walkies, ride on walkies and counterbalance required.

  • Must lift 40 pounds consistently

  • Must be able to work in both hot and cold environments

  • Previous experience working with SAP/HANA or other MRP software systems a strong asset

  • Strong attention to detail

  • G Drivers’ License a strong asset

  • Must be highly organized and great team player

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